I previously posted some Macaron Macro here – they were macros of the Espresso Macaron from this collection of little beauties.

Five Sweet Macarons
The second one that I tasted was the Nutella Rocher – oh yes, you read that correctly. A hazlenutty crisp pastry, which a nutella filling and a hazelnut in the centre. So good. Actually, confession, I had one of these earlier in the day before I came back to buy my 5-pack, just to try them and make sure they were ok 😉

Here’s hoping there’s some sweetness in your life!

x desleyjane

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20 replies on “The Sweet Life – 2

  1. These are beautiful Desley. I showed my daughter who is now more then ever determined to perfect the Macaron. Poor thing gets the flavours just not the appearance. Dang, guess I have more taste-testing to do, lol!😆

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