This was my absolute favourite macaron – it looks amazing and it was delicious. The flavour was just as vibrant as the colour.

I could not help myself and had to take a lot of pictures of this one – it’s cherry coconut and it was divine, just divine, and I’m not that fond of cherry. I mainly bought it because of how adorable it was – just a bonus that is was delicious!

#macromacaron baby!

That’s the last macaron I have in my collection at the moment, I’m off to hunt for some more!

x desleyjane

Posted by:desleyjane

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23 replies on “The Sweet Life – 6

    1. Oh Meg what a fabulous idea! This is my favourite one. I love it. I’ve made a couple of special photos that I haven’t shared here that I aim to sell if I can. So exciting. Hope you’re well! Thanks so much.


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