I am fairly obsessed with flatlay photography. I recently got this new backdrop and this gorgeous wreath and so I spent an afternoon photographing it.

This post is the reason why I couldn’t eat my lemon meringue pie until the next day!

Sorry if I am a little absent this week and next – my family is visiting from interstate 🙂

x desleyjane

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18 replies on “Flatlay Love

    1. Thanks Meg. It’s from an American company called Mini Backdrops. I also have two pink ones (plain pink and pink concrete!). They are 60 x 60cm. Some are adhesive and some are vinyl.


    1. Thanks Lois! I love it. It’s not as easy as it seems to be able to photograph things from above. Getting the styling right is one thing, but then holding your camera perfectly flat is incredibly difficult. Even with a tripod can be hard. These shots were all hand held.


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