Following on from my first photos of an evening walk around my neighbourhood.

This is what I said last time:

Gorgeous soft light abounded. However, I’m a little off my game. Handheld, the light was a little low in places, and with my frozen shoulder, I am not so good at minimising camera shake at the moment.

I love dandelions, even if they’re only weeds!

So here is one I captured – again not so sharp, it was waving around in the breeze but I’m impatient 😀

x desleyjane

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8 replies on “The Flowers of Brunswick East (2)

  1. These are always difficult to photograph, but that doesn’t stop us from trying! Scheduling is a great idea. I use it a lot, getting loads of photos edited at one fell swoop and then creating draft posts ready to go. The more wordier posts take much longer of course, but for single photo posts it is good. As you say leaves more time to visit other blogs and interact with fellow bloggers.

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