I went a bit crazy with this dandelion. It’s quite difficult with them waving around in the breeze but I wanted to get up super close to this one. Imagine if I could cut it and take it home without it falling apart and photograph under controlled conditions?!

This was taken from such a weird angle, me bending forward over my camera to get the shot, using my angled screen. Crazy.


This was a future “Flowers of Brunswick East” post but it seems so perfect for The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Rounded

x desleyjane

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14 replies on “Rounded

      1. I tried to shoot the neighbours’ plant last week, which might be a relative of dandelions. LOL. That’s as far as my knowledge of plants goes!
        Well, the wind was strong but the sun light was beautiful, just before sunset, and I made a few ones. Inspired by you.

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