And now for something completely different. I’ve been playing with some new Lightroom Presets. I’ve had them for a little while but haven’t used them before.

Here is the original photo, edited how I would usually edit it:


Although, this is a photo that I would probably edit in black and white usually, so:


I find that it doesn’t have a lot of depth or contrast even, in black and white. I’m not sure, I don’t like the black and white very much, so I decided to try some presets.

And then the fun begins. I feel like this edit has an early 20th century feel to it.


And my favourite edit:


What are your thoughts? Which one is your favourite?

Anyone want to join me in this? #OnePhotoThreeWays. 

x desleyjane

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12 replies on “One Letterbox, Three (Four) Ways.

  1. HI Desleyjane- I’m with Jude– the B&W, but the faded first is nice, too. I have so many LR presets and like you, don’t use them much. I usually go to Nik first and I am trying Luminar out a bit, too.


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