The first photo below was the first photo I took from the bunch of flowers featured in yesterday’s RegularRandom. In editing the photo, I fell in love with it and so went searching for a couple of others to create this little triptych for you.

These were taken in my usual fashion of standing by the window, camera hand-held, 60mm macro lens. I really should take the time to set up my tripod, but these turned out nice and sharp anyway, so I’m pretty happy with the results.

Here are a couple more shots of these gorgeous things:

Have a fab day or evening, wherever you may be!

x desleyjane 

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15 replies on “Triptych in White

  1. In a stark white room, wouldn’t these be wonderful?!
    Desley, help me out, please. I don’t quite understand the number…I have a 40 mm macro lens. What is the difference between mine and your 60mm? Thanks for your help.

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    1. Thanks Lois. I’m thinking about putting them up in my bathroom. It means that your lens is wider than mine – you have to get closer to the subject than I do. For example, if we were both using them to take photos of the same thing, you would have to stand closer to get the same shot. Hope that helps?

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  2. Lovely shots. I’m making connections this morning – have you thought of asking Cee Neuner to add regularrandom to her list of photo challenges? She’s a sweetheart and her list is far more accurate than the old one was.

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