For Justine’s Eclectic Corner #10 Tea Time Event, I am bringing us a decadent and elegant high tea. Last weekend was a weekend full of celebrations – my best friend’s birthday dinner, drinks, lunch the next day, shopping, and then we celebrated her mum’s birthday on the Sunday with High Tea.

What a beautiful high tea. I had the Japanese Lime Tea and we all enjoyed a decadent array of tiny goodies. It was fabulous and even included a glass of bubbles at the start.

Of course, I had to switch to coffee about halfway through πŸ™‚ Β None of us could finish the food, so we were lucky enough to take a few little cakes home for a snack later that evening.



Happy birthday again ladies!

x desleyjane



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24 replies on “Highest of High Teas

  1. What a beautiful presentation! You will have to explain “high tea” to this American, I am not familiar, but looks like something I would love to be a part of.

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    1. Thank you!!
      Aahhhhh high tea is an old English tradition. We’ve probably modified it a little here in Australia. Beautiful Royal Dalton China and a list of teas to try. Sometimes you get a Pimms and lemonade with cucumber and lemon as a starter but we had bubbly instead. And then the tower of tiny goodies, the idea being a selection of different treats.
      The bottom layer is tiny sandwiches, tiny quiches, tune muffins, all savory.
      The middle layer is tiny scones with homemade raspberry jam and cha tummy cream. Our middle layer also had a tiny panacotta.
      And the top layer is where it’s at – little cakes and chocolate goodies.
      Always presented beautifully. Usually it’s a group of ladies who go there together, often for bridal showers or baby showers…
      It’s a decadent little 2 hours of heaven 😍


      1. Oh very nice, it must be a bit of stress to set up and prepare for–you surely want everything to be just right… ! But so worth the planning and work because it is a display of delectable art! I like how the treats get more decadent the higher up you go! What is “bubbly”?

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        1. Oh I must confess we go to a proper tea house for this, I am not so talented to prepare. Our only preparation is to find a pretty dress for the occasion πŸ˜€
          Bubbly! I just mean champagne sorry…


  2. wow wow wow omg i nearly fainted when I saw this and Japanese lime tea, never tried that sounds amazing. The photos are beautiful and I am sooo jealous but happy that you got to experience it, looks totally amazing, Just love the heart sandwich. Thank you for such a treat DJ, simply love this, can you tell? lolxx

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