I was at a florist’s recently and she pointed out her “Rainbow Roses”. These stunning roses are created in Colombia. In fact, she told me that most large roses for sale in bouquets in Australia are flown in weekly from Colombia ! These rainbow roses are made by splitting the stems and placing each part into a solution of coloured dye – much like my scientific experiment that I posted earlier this year – My Celery is Thirsty.

It’s usually done using a ‘Vendela’ Hybrid Tea Rose, typically cultivated in Colombia, The Netherlands and Ecuador. So while these are dyed once they are grown, here are two multicoloured roses from my front garden – these are both growing on the same plant. They aren’t as fabulous as the Rainbow Roses, just a humble cottage rose, but I think they are sweet nonetheless.

I apologise for the large number of photos in this post. I love these Rainbow Roses so much that I took over 150 photos and limited myself to just 36 for processing, then cut that down to 15 for this post. There are some black and white ones as well which I will use for some of my writing posts.

This vivid roses are also going to Lucile’s Photo101 Rehab Clinic – there are hundreds of wonderful posts to peruse over there, be sure to take a look. I used my 60mm macro lens on my trusty Olympus OMD EM5.

x desleyjane

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43 replies on “Rainbow Roses

  1. That’s amazing! Your roses are pretty stunning as well. Does your plant actually produce two colours of blooms, or do the blooms change colour as they “age”? I have seen orange/pink roses change shades before.

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    1. Thanks Amy! I think they all end up pink if they last long enough, but they will stay these colours for a couple of weeks I think. I’ll check when I get back and see how they look…

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  2. I’ve never seen these rainbow roses before! They’re magnificent! I enjoyed each and every photo! Thanks for sharing this with us! Cheers!

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