I just found out this is my 300th post!!

This is the first time I’ve managed to do two Changing Seasons posts in two consecutive months! Usually, I skip every second month because of my travels. If you don’t know it already, this is a challenge set up by Cardinal Guzman to encourage us to go out shooting once a month to document the seasonal changes in the area. I love this challenge – it has helped my photography skills and I’ve since developed a different perspective of this beautiful city.

I did two shoots in August (already!) – the first Sunday, where I strolled the afternoon away with my camera. And the second Saturday, where my friend and I went out to celebrate my birthday. I was going to combine the best into a single post but when I went through the shots there were too many that I wanted to share. So instead, I’ve broken them up into a few themes and a few different posts.

This is the first series, a lazy Sunday afternoon, captured in black and white.

More to come…
x desleyjane


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      1. OK. Good to know. Thank you for all your advice, it is most welcome. I don’t shoot in RAW yet – maybe I will once I have got to grips with the camera more. I take too many photos at the moment to do that amount of post processing, but in the future I can see myself cutting down and just taking a few.


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