Well I managed to do another shoot for Cardinal Guzman’s The Changing Seasons event.  I have a feeling I might just make it to December as well 😉

Actually for this one I cheated and took these shots on October 31st.

We are in Spring right now and I took these photos on a Saturday evening in quite low light. I really should remember to take my tripod with me as I did suffer some camera shake as they are all taken handheld and often with a slow shutter speed to get enough light in.

Looking Out.
Looking Out.

It was a lovely evening – I wandered around Southbank for a couple of hours on my own before meeting up for a friend’s birthday dinner. I always end up at my wheel and this time was no exception, since dinner was right nextdoor!

All photos taken handheld with my Olympus OMD EM5 camera, mostly with the 17mm (25mm equivalent lens) but a couple with the 60mm macro (120mm equivalent). There will be another post or two coming with more photos from this shoot.

x desleyjane

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38 replies on “Beautiful Brisbane – November 2015 (Colour)

  1. This is no cheating as Cardinal, the challenger, posts always photos of the previous month.
    Ok, but can you ever shoot not handheld and bring blurry photos too fur a change? When is this humiliation going to end? Lol
    I’m afraid it’s going to get even worse as you get better by the nanosecond.
    Another superior gallery, Queen and Empress!

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    1. Ha! True! It’s always Spring for us but I’ve been particularly mindful of the way the US celebrates fall and the coinciding holidays now that I’ve become a #plannergirl 😋I think it’s a wonderful thing to celebrate.

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