I met a lovely lady at one of the local markets. Her name is Theoni. She has a small business called TheaTheos, where she sells handbags and jewellery that she designs and sources. I took these photos of the handbag that I purchased from her and sent her the proofs. She thanked me and said that she wanted to learn how to take those pictures herself.

About three months later, she contacted me and said “I can’t do what you do, let’s work together”. And so, a wonderful relationship was formed. Theoni gave me my first real gig as a photographer and it was such an enormous amount of fun. I worked two days – the first day with her modelling the bags and jewellery and the second day, just me in my home studio, photographing the products for her.

In this post, I wanted to show you some of the shots from the model shoot. Our first location was a beautiful church – St John, The Forerunner, Greek Orthodox Church, on Lygon Street in Carlton North.

You can see many more shots on my portfolio site.

These are just a few from the shoot, some of my personal favourites. We had many outfits and many locations on the day. I will share each location separately so that the posts don’t get too big.

All of these photos were shot with my Olympus OMD EM5 camera. These were mid-morning, our first shoot of the day. Afterwards, we went inside the church to pay our respects, and Theoni changed into outfit number 2!

x desleyjane

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14 replies on “Client Shoot – Fashion Model – St John the Forerunner Greek Orthodox Church

  1. What a stroke of luck to have encountered such a chance happening Desley? How lovely! So do you get to keep some of the products she sells? 🙂 I’m sure it must have given you enormous satisfaction…. wish you lived closer, I’d have bugged you like crazy on the beautiful shots you take. Teach me, teach me, I’d plead LOL!


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