Thanks for visiting RegularRandom. If you haven’t seen it before, this is the concept:


  • choose an object or scene
  • spend just 5 minutes shooting it, trying to be creative with angles and light and composition
  • post your photos with the tag regularrandom
  • pingback to this post so that we can see your results!

This week it’s my BRAT (bacon, rocket, avocado and tomato) sandwich that I had for brunch with Julie last week at Grace in Fitzroy. It was delicious – the  bread and bacon just as crispy as it looks!

A couple of really good coffees and a good chat and we were ready to go!

I hope you can join us.

x desleyjane



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21 replies on “Five Minutes with Brunch – RegularRandom

    1. Thanks Meg – I’ll show you when we have breakfast! But basically, I just focused on the teapot and then carefully moved the camera to include the sandwich in the frame. Thanks again.


  1. Brilliant shots . . . .but where is my BRAT? I really want one after looking at your photographs . . in fact I am amazed you managed to look & photograph for 5 minutes without taking a bite!!

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  2. I’m with Ruth! I couldn’t wait 5 minutes before tucking into that. Also one of my favourite combos – now salivating at the thought! Sorry to make a mess on your page 😉

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