This is my RegularRandom, where we choose an object or a scene and spend only 5 minutes shooting it. It makes us think about angles and light and composition and moving your body rather than the subject.

If you want to join in, please do! Tag your post with RegularRandom and link back to this post so that we can find you.

This week, it’s back to sweet treats. It’s easy to see how much I love macro photography. These photos are all within 6 minutes (oops, I cheated). I love being able to get so close and from so many different angles. It was early morning so the light was amazing.

I hope you enjoy.

Happy snapping!

x desleyjane

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24 replies on “Five Minutes with Lemon Meringue – RegularRandom

    1. It was a very soft buttery yellow crust. Inside was lemon curd. I probably should have taken a picture after I took a fork to it, but to be honest, it was so good the camera was forgotten πŸ˜€

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  1. You had this for BREAKFAST??? Mind you, I wouldn’t blame you: it looks yummy, and you earned it after getting up early to bake! I especially like the very partial one with the glisten of sugar crystals, and the meringue is browned (and photographed) to perfection.

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    1. LOL no not for breakfast! I had it one night for dessert after an early dinner. Oh and I didn’t bake it. There’s a wonderful bakery near me. So sorry to have deceived you.

      But I DID take the photos. And eat it. LOL again.


    1. Mmmnnnnn lemon meringue. Now
      I want a slice, even though it’s 3am and I can’t sleep. My mum makes hers with philly cream cheese and condensed milk. It’s almost like a baked cheesecake, sooooo goooooood. X

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