Somehow, my desk at work has become the repository for chocolate. I was given a special block as a little gift for some work that I did, and my team ate the whole thing one day while I was in a meeting. They felt so guilty about it that they bring me a new (not as good) block every week or so. There are always quite a few in my drawer and they all know where to find it. It’s become a funny little joke with us and it’s quite helpful on those long afternoons when you need a little pick me up.

The chocolates in this post are different though. These were another gift from a friend – they are so sweet and delicious. And perfect for me – all pink and sparkly.

I saved these for a few days, because I knew I wanted to photograph them. I hadn’t realised just how crystallised that pink one was on the edges – it photographed beautifully.

I loved it.

x desleyjane


Posted by:desleyjane

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