One of the girls I work with shares my love of all things stationery, but she also bakes! And you all know how I love to photograph sweet things. Today, she (Jing Jing) brought in these tiny little meringues in the softest of colours and I spent ten minutes photographing them. Poor Jing Jing had been waiting to share them with the team all day, but was waiting for me to photograph them first, but too many meetings happened!

I needed something tonight to settle my mind – usually I turn to photography, but I didn’t want to set up the lights, so I did my next favourite thing and edited the shots from today.

I am in love with the softness and gentleness in these shots, even those with the black background, I feel a calm and softness there and it makes me very happy.

I hope you enjoy these photos with me.

x desleyjane

Posted by:desleyjane

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