We have a tourism catchphrase here in Queensland – Beautiful one day, perfect the next….

It is a beautiful city and I am very happy to showcase one small part of it for Cardinal’s Monthly Changing Seasons Challenge. The idea is to return to the same place each month and take photographs to show the changes throughout the year. This was such a great idea of Cardinal’s, I find this process so much fun. I spent about 3 hours in the gorgeous sunshine and took 141 photos. I processed 59 and then cut that number down to those you see here in this post. I will have a couple of other posts in the next week or so which will showcase some of the more specific things I chose to photograph this time.

For my Changing Seasons site, I chose Southbank Parklands – you can see my previous submission from January and learn more about the area here.


Here is a little bit of extra information about some of the places:

The Arbour – this is one of the most recognisable sights at Southbank – 443 curling, galvanised steel posts that are covered with gorgeous bougainvillea flowers.

Liana Lounge – these 3 neat green seats are a piece of art but also somewhere to sit and watch the world go by. They are made to represent the liana vines that grow in the Southbank Parklands rainforest walk.

The baby brachiosaurus at Queensland Museum – a new dinosaur has been installed outside Queensland Museum to advertise a new animatronic dino exhibit at the museum. You can watch a video of it being installed here.

Pink portaloos – Sunday March 8th is International Women’s Day. Southbank is the start of the Mater International Women’s Day Fun Run to raise money for breast cancer research and practical support for women with breast cancer. A number of pink portable toilets have been installed for the day, with two slightly larger grey ones for boys (HA!!) no they are for disabled access.

Rainforest Walk – within the Parklands is a beautiful and tranquil rainforest setting with raised timber walkways throughout. You can learn about Australian flora and fauna on the way.

Kurilpa Bridge – this is locally called the “Sticks” bridge – a spiky pedestrian bridge over the Brisbane River. I have been wanting to photograph this bridge for some time.

I hope you enjoyed this photographic trip through sunny Southbank πŸ™‚

x desleyjane



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47 replies on “Beautiful Brisbane – March 2015

  1. Thanks Desley, Southbank is one of my favourite places, though I haven’t been there for a while. I had heard about the dinosaur but hadn’t seen it so found the video interesting (thanks for linking). I love the row of pink portaloos, and the green liana seats looks great too.

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  2. Last time I was there it was after the big floods and not safe to go into a few areas, which is a shame. I think of the river as ankh morpork in real life ☺️


  3. Hi DJ, your city is very beautiful and you know how to show it to the world.
    It was quite a lot of work for this assignment and you delivered it masterfully. It is a gorgeous gallery.
    I love the choice of key line editing. Did you use our loyal Olympus?

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  4. I’m seeking out the southern hemisphere posts as I am so tired of grey skies and snow from us northeners! This looks like an interesting area, I’ll be interested to see how it changes over the year. Love the elephant bookend!! Want one!
    Jude xx

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