We have a tourism catchphrase here in Queensland – Beautiful one day, perfect the next….

It is a beautiful city and I am very happy to showcase one small part of it for Cardinal’s Monthly Changing Seasons Event. The idea is to return to the same place each month and take photographs to show the changes throughout the year.

For my Changing Seasons site, I chose Southbank Parklands – here are the links my previous submissions from January and March. Here also is the link to the post about the Nepalese temple that is featured in some of the photos below.

Here in Brisbane, we don’t get a lot of seasonal changes, so this month I thought I would show you some evening shots. It was a mad dash to leave work in time to get there for sunset and be able to get some glowing orange cloud shots, then I set up the tripod to capture the Treasury Building across the water. I love the reflections in the water and I spent a lot of time experimenting with my settings to see what effects I could get in the water.



I hope you enjoyed this evening at Southbank ๐Ÿ™‚
x desleyjane




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48 replies on “Beautiful Brisbane – May 2015

  1. Thank you for making Brisbane look wonderful at night. In July, I visit with my two grandchildren (16 / 12) for theatre and a night of relative hotel luxury. They live on Mt Tamborine, so city lights could even be a treat.

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    1. Oh my goodness, thank you sooo much for this fabulous comment. You’re right, I really do love it. It makes me so happy to be with my camera, out and about. Or even at home shooting stuff. I think that helps no matter what you do – if you love it, you work harder and longer at it. Thanks again. Truly lovely comment.

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  2. Wow Desley! What a gorgeous carousel of pictures of your hometown. I especially love the black and white ones and the night shots of Brisbane. Some of those spots were coming back to me from when we visited about 15 or so years ago.

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    1. Thank you Loretta!! That means a lot to me. I had such a good time, Cardinal has come up with a great idea. I’ve seen parts of my city that I might not have seen before. Cheers!


      1. Panama has a beautiful skyline very similar to that of Miami, Florida. On several occasions I’ve gone to the bayside to shoot the tall buildings at night. My eyes are enamoured by the scenery before me, but I haven’t yet developed the skills to captures those shapes and colors. I’m studying more about shooting at night and obtain outstanding pictures similar to the ones you depicted in your blog. I have dedicated several minutes viewing their shapes and colors. As I commented earlier, it is extremely pleasing to the eye. You are doing a great work as a amateur photographer, even though that is not your main line of work. Great job and passion for the discipline of photography. Inspiring example to many like me who are looking for avenues to polish up our shooting skills.




  3. I loved seeing “Brissie” all lit up. It is stunning with the light reflections in the river. I only come up during the day, looking at your photos makes me think I should come over one evening.

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    1. Thanks PP, it’s a beautiful city at night. Come up for a show at QPAC. If you come early you can get the city cat up the river and get sunset photos on the river. The wheel is also great when it’s not being serviced.


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