Ok, enough of flowers and pens and things, it’s time to get back to the sugary goodness that is cupcakes! It feels like forever!

Let’s get the rules out of the way:

  • choose an object or scene
  • try not to interfere with it once it’s set up
  • shoot for five minutes – here’s where you get creative: choose different angles, play with the light on your scene, shoot through something, try to find a frame to put around your image, lots of different ideas but remember – try to stick to five minutes!

So, this weekend, I wanted to set up a shoot on my desk. As most of you know, I recently changed jobs and was able to get rid of the second computer that I had for that job, so now I have a beautiful expansive desk for all my planning and photo editing and those fun things. And what self-respecting office dweller doesn’t have a snack of some kind at hand??!? 🙂

I picked up this green cupcake from my favourite little local bakery (delightfully named The Sugardough Sweet Times). It’s kind of a ridiculous colour, but it was mint-flavoured icing on a chocolate cupcake (it was perfection, especially when accompanied by a really good coffee or three), with delectable little chocolate bits on top. It’s 9pm when I’m writing this and I could really use one of these now!

Will you join in and share your RegularRandom? What can you spend just five minutes shooting this week?

Have a great week everyone!

x desleyjane

Posted by:desleyjane

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17 replies on “Five Minutes with Another Cupcake – RegularRandom

  1. I could use one too! I’ve just skipped lunch, because it’s late afternoon, and I’m HUNGRY! You make these very appetising. And you manage to smuggle pens in anyway. And potplants. And give a glimpse of your ordered life.

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